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January 2022 Tutor Training

Twelve new tutors ready to teach!

January 2022 Tutor Training

December 2021 Tutor Brunch

Susan Cruz hosted a delightful brunch, Santa Augustine gifted tutors, and everyone celebrated Jim Schroder's faithful service on the board.

December 2021 Tutor Brunch

September 2021 Training Refresher Class

Enjoying fellowship in person as we knocked the rust off our lesson planning and delivery skills …

September 2021 Training Refresher Class

Tutor Commitment Recognition

The Board of Directors recognizes the following active Augustine tutors for gifting students with an impressive number of lessons:

400 hours

  • Diana Matson
  • Lauren McCullough

300 hours

  • Judy Pearson

250 hours

  • Ann Copeland
  • Debbie Markert
  • Sandi Smith
  • Sally Stillwagon

200 hours

  • Jan Barker
  • Deb Fletcher
  • Andrea Murdock
  • Anne Okie
  • Meg Schroder

150 Hours

  • Dawnena Darnall
  • Royce Franklin
  • Eric Kocher
  • Margaret Ritchie
  • Nancy Schlepphorst
  • Carol Simicich

100 Hours

  • Deana Gasque
  • Joe Higgins
  • Kathie Jones
  • Tracie Segura
  • Amy Watkins

60 Hours

  • Courtney Galbreath
  • Diana Miel
  • Margaret Morrone
  • Dee Person
  • Denise Ruby

Darlene and Dawnena sharing creative ideas.

Dawnena sharing creative ideas.Darlene sharing creative ideas.

I've seen two children go from struggling to confident. This is the greatest experience possible!
— an ALP tutor