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December Tutor Talk & Holiday Brunch

Susan Cruz hosted a delightful brunch and Santa Augustine and Elf Tracie gifted tutors with new PA games.

December 2018 Tutor Talk and Holiday Brunch

November Tutor Talk

Tracie and Sandi led a helpful discussion on strategies for teaching sight words in the lesson. Then tutors selected books for their students from over 1,000 copies provided generous book drive donors and grants from Usborne & More, Thrivent Financial, and the Pleasantburg Rotary Club.

student books

October Tutor Talk

Over 20 ALP Upstate tutors participated in Re-Source Solutions' Poverty Factor workshop on Saturday, October 13th. The interactive session provided opportunity to explore and examine mindsets associated with socio-economic class and the barriers and opportunities presented by each.

The Poverty Factor

Pleasantburg Rotary Grant Awarded

Pleasantburg Rotary Club

On October 11, 2018 the Pleasantburg Rotary Club awarded ALP Upstate $1930 to purchase books from Deborah Watkin's Read, Yes I Can series and Wilson Language Training stories to give to Augustine students.

Summer Training Class

The July 2018 class added 18 trainees to the ALP Upstate tutor family! Our new tutors are Courtney Galbreath, Diane Thompson, Amy Watkins, Susie Cummins, Diana Miel, Joni Snyder, Margaret Ritchie, Pat Hogue, Marquin McMath, Deana Gasque, Carol Simicich, Fred Scharpenberg, Joe Higgins, Mary Krause, Kem Owens, Debbie Bishop, Judi Wojciechowski, and Mandy Dixon.
tutors trained summer 2018

Tutor Commitment Recognition

Tutors recognized for faithful service

On July 18, 2018, the Board of Directors recognized the following active Augustine tutors for gifting students with an impressive number of lessons:

400 hours

  • Anne Eshelman

300 hours

  • Pat Riordan

250 hours

  • Catherine Clark
  • Darlene Hughey

200 hours

  • Ann Copeland
  • Judy Pearson
  • Alice Sobray
  • Sally Stillwagon

150 Hours

  • Susan Cruz
  • Dawnena Darnall
  • Diana Matson
  • Jane Smith

100 Hours

  • Jan Barker
  • Laurie Berry-Dorroh
  • Lauren McCullough
  • Andrea Murdock
  • Meg Schroder
  • Giselle Weekes

60 Hours

  • MaryAnne Calvino
  • Leslie Davis
  • LeAnn Duncan
  • Deb Fletcher
  • Daniel Habermann
  • Sharon Lynch
  • Debbie Markert
  • Alisha Martin
  • Len McCall
  • Christi Mobley
  • Anne Okie
  • Denise Ruby
  • Sandi Smith
  • Melanie Stiles

May 2018 Tutor Appreciation Brunch

Denise and Scott Ruby hosted the annual gathering to celebrate ALP Upstate tutors.

May 2018 Tutor Appreciation Brunch

Darlene and Dawnena sharing creative ideas.

Dawnena sharing creative ideas.Darlene sharing creative ideas.

I've seen two children go from struggling to confident. This is the greatest experience possible!
— an ALP tutor, June 2017.